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Show Spotlight: Bigfoot and Wildboy

Bigfoot and Wildboy

The legend of Bigfoot / Sasquatch goes back a long way in North American history but for some reason or reasons they spiked in the early to mid 1970s. The 70s saw lots of books, magazine articles, and movies related to the mysterious creature. In 1976 Bigfootmania was at its peak. The FBI, on the request of Peter Byrne launched an investigation into Bigfoot based on unusual animal hair. A pseudo-documentary horror film was released entitled

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    1. You are very welcome.

      I look back and wonder about why I or other people I know didn’t watch certain shows that I’m sure we would have loved and I think a lot of it comes down to whatever was on the other stations at that same time. Another issue is that sometimes they would change out shows in the middle of the TV season and so you could miss out on them that way too.

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