The Great Saturday Morning Experience

What might you have been watching on Saturday morning in 1967?

Following the summer of love the superhero craze from the previous season exploded on our Saturday morning network schedule. Let’s get right into it the super heroic schedule of ’67.

Note: Due to overlapping information on some shows as well as possible differences between affiliate programming, and mid-season lineup changes, your exact schedule may differ in some ways. I try to make them as accurate as possible for the general national audiences.

9:00 – The New Casper Cartoon Show
Reruns of Casper and his ghostly pals.

9:30 – Fantastic Four
Hanna-Barbera brought the classic Marvel characters to animated life for the first time. The stories were based very closely on the source material of the comics.

10:00 – Spiderman
This new show from Grant-Ray Lawrence was the first animated series for the Marvel icon. The villains were a mix of ones from the comics and ones made up just for the show.

10:30 – Journey to the Center of the Earth
Filmation based this new show more on the 1959 movie than the original novel  which included the duck Gertrude along with the human explorers.

11:00 – King Kong
The second season of the Rankin-Bass version of the classic movie monster and his young human friend Bobby Bond featured reruns of the first season.

11:30 – George of the Jungle
This new show from Jay Ward and Bill Scott (the creators of Bullwinkle and Rocky) is basically a Tarzan spoof. The show also had short segments of Super Chicken and Tom Slick.

12:00 – The New Beatles
Despite the title, this third year of the show consisted of reruns.

9:00 – Frankenstein Jr. & the Impossibles
The second season of this show was all reruns from the first season.

9:30 – Herculoids
This new Hanna-Barbera adventure show focused on a family and their monstrous friends protecting their primitive world from hostile invaders. Zandor and Tara were the parents of son Dorno. Their partners in planet protecting were Zok, the space dragon; Igoo,  the rock ape; Tundro the space rhino; and the two stretchy blobs, Gloop and Gleep.

10:00 – Shazzan!
Another  new Hanna-Barbera adventure show finds teen siblings Chuck and Nancy thrown back in the time of Arabian nights when they find two  old rings. When combined the rings brings forth the powerful genie Shazzan who helps them on their quest to return the rings to their rightful owner.

10:30 – Space Ghost/Dino Boy
The second season of this show was all reruns from the first season.

11:00 – Moby Dick and the Mighty Mightor
Another duo adventure show from Hanna-Barbera combines the adventures of Moby Dick, a friendly whale who helps his human friends Tom and Tubb, with the Mighty Mightor, a caveman superhero with a mystical weapon.

11:30 – The Superman, Aquaman Hour of Adventure
This new Filmation show expanded on the previous season of Superman by adding Aquaman (with Aqualad) to the mix. Each episode had a Superman segment, a Superboy segment, an Aquaman segment as well as rotating segments for the Atom, the Flash (with Kid Flash), Green Lantern, Hawkman, The Justice League, and the Teen Titans.

12:30 – Jonny Quest
Reruns of the classic prime time Hanna-Barbera adventure series.

9:00 – The Super Six
Reruns of the DePatie-Freleng zany super hero show.

9:30 – Super President / Spy Shadow
A new show from DePatie-Freleng had the President of the United States with super powers such as increased strength and molecular shifting. As a former astronaut he received the powers from a cosmic storm while in space. This show also featured segments of Spy Shadow, about a secret agent who could command his shadow.

10:00 – Flintstones
Reruns of the classic Hanna-Barbera prime time show.

10:30 – Samson and Goliath
Another new adventure show from Hanna-Barbera finds a teenager named Samson and his dog Goliath riding the country on a motorbike. Samson is able to transform himself into a superhero by hitting his wristbands together and then change his dog into a lion with super powers. The show’s name was changed to Young Goliath midway through the season to avoid confusion with Davey and Goliath.

11:00 – Birdman & the Galaxy Trio
Yet another new Hanna-Barbera duo adventure show. Birdman is a winged superhero powered by the sun working for an international security agency. The Galaxy Trio is a group of outer space superheroes consisting of Vapor Man (having the ability to turn all or parts of his body to gas), Meteor Man (who can increase or decreases any part of his body), and Gravity Girl (who can bend the laws of gravity).

11:30 – Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel
Reruns from the Hanna-Barbera show that also included Winsome Witch, Precious Pupp, and The Hillbilly Bears along with the title characters.

12:00 – Top Cat
Reruns of the prime time animated series from Hanna-Barbera.

12:30 – Cool McCool
Reruns of the Al Brodax show about a comically inept super spy.

And now the super cereals that debuted in 1967:

Kellogs Puffa Puffa Rice Cereal
This variation of Rice Krispies was flavored with brown sugar and its ads were Hawaii themed. It offered oceans of energy.

Post Corn Crackos
This cereal had a mascot which was a bird in a Beatles wig that spoke with a bad English accent. He flew around  singing “Crackos! Crackos! Wake up for Crackos!” and then asked people if they heard what happens when they crack into Crackos. It was made of crackling little twists of sugary sweet golden corn cereal that crackled when you crunch.

General Mills Sugar Cones
A few years earlier General Mills introduced the corn snack called Bugles. Somewhere somebody in the company must have thought they looked like little ice cream cones and wondered what they would taste like if they were a sugary sweet cereal. That’s how I imagine this cereal was born. It didn’t last long but they trotted out the idea again in the late 1980s and called it simply Ice Cream Cones.

Quaker Diet Frosted Rice Puffs and Wheat Puffs
These two cereals were advertised together and not aimed at kids at all. They were called the “breakfast of losers” which is probably why they disappeared so quickly. Thanks advertising genius. Anyway they were sweet but low calorie.

Quaker Crunch Berries (Cap’n Crunch)
This was the very first of many Cap’n Crunch spinoffs. This one is still around today of course and started off with just adding some strawberry flavored berries to the original corn and oats cereal. The original idea had the crunch berries growing on a bush and of course the Cap’n’s nemesis; pirate Jean LaFoote, needed to desperately find them. A short time later the Crunch Berry Beast was introduced.

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    1. It doesn’t hold up especially well I think but it certainly has historical import since it wasn’t too long before the Jackson 5 and The Osmonds got similar shows.

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