The Great Saturday Morning Experience

Great Saturday Morning to you all!

Hello, and welcome to the introduction of my blog about the great Saturday morning experience. Do you remember when as a kid you looked forward to Saturday morning all week? Was it head and shoulders the best time of the week to be a kid for you? It certainly was for me. I not only looked forward to Saturday mornings each week but I would get excited waiting for that last Friday night before the new Saturday morning cartoon season. Often the networks would use that night for their preview shows hosted by all kinds of celebrities known to kids. To me, growing up in the suburbs in the middle of the 1970s, Saturday morning was king and if it was for you too then I think you’ll enjoy this blog.

 It is my plan to cover that time from the mid 1960s to the mid 1980s when kids ruled Saturday morning television programming. It was a truly special time that I feel a need to share with those youngest of boomers to the oldest of millenials so that they can not only reminisce about the good old days but pass it all down to future generations.

I’ll be covering as much as I can what was on television at that time, but even more in order to bring back that feeling of the time of the week when kids were in their ultimate glory.  I won’t just be looking at cartoons as there was a lot of live action programming from which to choose as well.  I’ll go back and forth between different formats such as breaking down yearly TV schedules, going over the companies that gave us the great programming, taking a look at some of the visual and voice over artists who created them, taking a look at all that music that was made for the shows, looking at some of the commercials that were aimed at kids during those times, exploring all those highly anticipated Friday night preview shows they aired before the new Saturday morning season, and of course what kinds of cereals that everyone was trying then as well.

If you are a fan of Saturday morning programming from what might be considered the Golden Age of television for kids, it is my sincere hope you’ll enjoy coming back week after week to check out what I’ll have to present. I might even be able to answer some of those questions that have been bugging you for years, like what was the name of that weird character on that weird show, or why don’t I remember this show that my friends keep telling me about, or did kids really eat that stuff? So stay tuned, the fun is about to begin!

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