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July 23 2011 Chaos' Corner debuts at FandomFest.
more info here.
August 3 2010 Interview on That Book Page's web site.
July 22 2010 Book signing in Madison, IN at That Book Place with Marge Fulton.
November 7 2009 Appeared at Louisville's First Annual Almost Famous Authors' Faire
October 26 2009 Created facebook page
September 26 2009 First book signing took place at A Readers Corner in St. Matthews.
July 29 2009 You can now order Branwen's Garden from
July 23 2009 added first review
July 16 2009 Added teaser trailer to samples page
July 6 2009 Added new products to the zazzle site.
June 23 2009 Editing of Branwen's Garden enters final stage.
June 15 2009

Gwerinatha Web Site goes live!