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Cast of Characters (in order of appearance)
(text with links provide audio files for pronounciation)

Robert Moore
Young lad who finds his way from America to Gwerinatha

Cameron Gray
Robert's friend who helps him get started on the journey

A young wolf who befriends Robert

Wendy & Richard
Louie's older siblings

Louie's grandfather, the pack leader

Urien Bailyes
The leader of the Gwerinathan security forces, nephew to the governor

Hayden Barker-Collins
Urien's friend and right hand man

Padrig Bailyes
The governor of Gwerinatha

Seren Bailyes
the Governor's 2nd daughter

Gefell (twin)
A mule with two distinct mouths (and personalities)

Borb Feargrinn
A resident of the Village of Idiots who helps guide Robert and his friends

Samuel More
An Englishman who brought six couples with him to Gwerinatha in the 1600s

Branwen Bailyes
The governor's eldest daughter who is a passionate wildlife defender

Lords of Wisdom
The governing group of Gwerinatha headquartered in New London. They have little tolerance for their rival faction, the House of Fates which has favor in the south beyond the mountains.

House of Fates
The rival faction to the Lords of Wisdom, this group has a stronghold in the south and has little tolerance for the Lords of Wisdom.

Southern Guard
The elite fighting force loyal to the House of Fates


Gwerinatha [(Gwair-IH-nath-UH) - democracy]
The new world which Samuel discovers in the 1600s and populates with his human followers

Ochneidio [(OCK-nee-DEE-O) - sighing] Mountains
The mountains divide the main human populations of Gwerinatha north and south.

Didoriad [(dee-DOR-ee-AD) - untamed] River
The river that runs straight through the middle of Gwerinatha.

Dyffryn Heul [(diff-RIN hi-ULL) - Sun Valley]
A resort town near a natural hot springs just south of the mountains.

Anhysbys [(Uh NIZ bis) - unknown] Forest
The largest and darkest forest in the land.

Hunoliaeth [(hee-NO-lay-ITH) - unity] Forest
The area where most of the hunting is done for the humans.

Bailyes (bi-a-LUS) Crossing
The township where Governor Bailyes' family is from.

Dinas Rhyddid [(Dee-NAS HRITH-did) - Freedom city]
Small town in the northern part of Gwerinatha.

Adwyth [(ad-WITH) - evil] Forest
Southern most forest in Gwerinatha.

Serenity Forest
The woods where the wolf pack live. There is no hunting allowed in the forest.

New London
The capital of Gwerinatha.

Village of Idiots
The town where most of the 'undesirables' are sent to live out of the way of the rest of society.

Unfinished Lands
This area is harsh and has dangerous plants and animals. The creatures who descended from the Abominable Ones winded up here as well.


Nghuryll (oon-HEARSH) - stocky creature with a birdlike beak and talons

Cornleash Vines - carnivorous plants with long black vines that resemble giant licorice ropes.

Picellau (pee-ka-SHY) Bush - dangerous plant that can shoot posionous quills

Hewlifruit (HYOO-lee-FROOT) - tasty cinnamonny peach fruit found in Serenity Forest


audio files by Simon Ager creator of Omniglot.