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In 1980 a fifteen year old boy went missing. The case was closed after two years with no clues turned up to determine what happened. The last person to see him had no plausible ideas as to his whereabouts. That person, his classmate and childhood friend is telling his story nearly thirty years later. And the story he tells is quite unbelievable.

A 28 year old mystery of a missing boy leads Robert to reminisce about his journey to an other worldly dimension. With the help of a young wolf named Louie, Robert is introduced to the wonders and perils of a strange land called Gwerinatha. There he comes of age amidst the backdrop of a feuding government, grotesque monsters, an ancient ancestor and a quest to help rescue a kidnapped girl.
"terrific entertaining coming of age fantasy starring a slacker lead protagonist" - Harriet Klausner
"the plot is compelling, and leaves me looking forward to the sequel" - Ian Harac, The Rainbow Connection
"this wonderful book will whisk you away to a land of myth and mystery" - Lynn Tincher, Afterthoughts