The Great Saturday Morning Experience

Cereal Spotlight: The Monster Cereals

They hitched the silly scariness of cartoon monsters with the sugary sweetness of kid friendly cereals. Their clever rivalry commercials became staples on Saturday morning and weekday afternoon TV viewing. Their lovable nature combined with their silly antics earned them a place among the legends of cereal mascots. Along with an overnight success, they had their first casualty within their first decade. Their membership grew and changed along with the ups and downs of their largely successful careers. Their clashing styles took them to new heights, but after 49 years of filling bowls with their colorful sweeties year round, they were shelved, only to be let out once a year.  This is the Great Saturday Morning Experience story of the monster cereals.

The monster cereals owe their beginnings to the love of all things monsters by kids of the early 1970s. Those kids grew up on reruns of the Munsters and old Godzilla movies shown on weekends along with the really old classic Universal monsters; Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolfman, and The Mummy. The kids couldn

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