Are you wondering what you are doing here, or how you got here?
Well I can't help you with the latter, but I may have some help for the former.
Perhaps you're here in order to commission some original artwork?
If you want some illustration or cartooning, or are just interested
in perusing some art, then I recommend the link below:
It could be that you are looking for some design work of some sort
and need to hire a graphic designer who knows Adobe Illustrator
and/or is good at manipulating images in Photoshop.
If that's the case, please click the link below:
If you are looking to reminisce about the wonderfully delightful
Saturday mornings from the 60s to the 80s when kids ruled Saturdays,
you're probably looking for the Great Saturday Morning Experience blog.
If that's the case, you want the link below:
The Art of Brad ParnellThe Professional Portfolio of Brad ParnellThe Great Saturday Morning Experience Blog
Coloring Samples